Wishing on the New Moon

Did you hear about the Syrian army general who just by dipping himself into the Jordan River healed from a deadly disease? A real celebrity general. Respected and looked up to. Big house, beautiful wife, huge household, servants and all. One of those guys who had made it.
Rich and famous and soon going to die from an incurable disease.

He had leprosy .

In his house there was a young girl, serving as the personal maid of the general’s wife. This girl had been kidnapped from an enemy country during a military raid and forced to work as a slave. The general’s wife must have been not only beautiful but also a good person. Because when the girl saw how despair and grief took hold of her mistress, she felt pity and wanted to help. She probably got scared on her own behalf too. What would happen to herself if the general was to die?!
She knew about the disease and she knew there was no medicine and no cure invented for this. Not yet.
But she believed in miracles and she knew about an old man, in her native country, who could perform them. So she told the Lady of the house about this miracle man.
They must have been pretty desperate, because they decided to try it out.
Not to loose face, though, the general did not want to go to there in person. Instead he sent an official delegation to the miracle man’s home, to talk about the problem. Remember, he lived in an enemy country. Politically it was very difficult to arrange a meeting between the two.
The old miracle worker was no fool. He already knew that they were coming. Instead of receiving the delegation, he sent a messenger to meet them, with instructions on how to cure the disease. Simple instructions that even a child could follow.
The great general was instructed to go to the Jordan River, get undressed and dip  himself in the water seven times. Not one time. Seven times!
He would then be cured. Healed.

The general became furious. Both about the old man not showing up in person and about the childish instructions.
All his fears had come true.
The miracle guy was making a fool of him! The general was sure now. The old miracle man was pulling his leg. After all, why should this crazy old man from an enemy nation want to help him?
What could he possibly do that all the doctors in the world could not do? How could he have been so stupid as to believe this fairytale?
How stupid did that wizard think he was? What did he take him for? A child?
He was so furious that he gave orders to his delegation to return back home immediately. He must have been fuming with anger and humiliation.
But some of his advisors thought it might be worth a try. What did he have to loose? After all, he was dying, wasn’t he? He could visit the river and take a bath, just to test it out, couldn’t he? Many people bathed in that river. Nobody would think it strange.
The general gave in.
They all went to the river where the general undressed, still angry and feeling like the total fool.
The whole delegation watched while he waded into the river, squatted down to let the water touch every inch of his body and slowly coming out of the water again.
Everybody held their breath.
Nothing happened. The ulcers were just as bad.
“See? I told you! Nothing!”, he shouted.

“Seven times! The instruction was to dip yourself seven times!”, the advisors urged him.
He obeyed. He dipped himself in the water once more, and once more. By the fifth and sixth time he was feeling utterly humbled and near crying.
He got out of the river and looked down at his body.
Oh my God! No sign of the disease.
The ulcers and sores were gone. Not even a mark was left on his skin. The skin of his body was smooth like a baby’s. He was cured!
Have you heard the story?

Why did I remember this story now? And why am I telling it to you?
Because at times we all are like the haughty general, not wanting to even try the instructions for the cure, simply because it’s too simple.
We want something complicated, expensive and advanced to cure our complicated, advanced and expensive problems.
Taking a walk outside. Conscious breathing. Tree hugging. Journaling. All too simple to even try out. We want something more complicated, drastic, dramatic and even more expensive.
But often the cure is simple. Often the huge shift is only a few deep breaths away. A walk in the woods can work wonders. Conscious breathing can give miraculous results. Practicing gratitude can change your world.
I am not saying that you should stop your medication or medical treatment and start hugging trees instead.
Not at all.
I am saying that there are situations in life where the medical doctor has no cure. Situations where neither science nor money can heal the pain. Pains that the doctor will tell you are all in your head and therefore not real. But to you they are. Very real.
So real that they use all your energy and affect all areas of your life.
In situations like this, the last one to see what the cure could be is often the one suffering. The pain seems so huge and all-over-shadowing that all we can see is the problem. Our whole world is capsuled and sealed inside the pain.
The funny thing, or actually the tragedy, is that we can get so used to living in this pain that we are scared to let it go. The pain becomes our comfort zone, so to speak.
The pain is the place where we go for comfort when things are not going our way. What or who are we going to blame for our misery once the problem is solved?

Two of Swords, Golden Universal Tarot.
The New Moon is approaching.
The time to set new intentions and make our New Moon wishes.

For me this is time to become clear about what it is that I want. My brain is too small to concentrate on too many things at once, so I limit my wishes to three.
Three New Moon wishes.  Like in the fairy tales, where the fairy lets you have three wishes. No more and no less. That makes me think more carefully about what to prioritize.  Which wish is most important right now? 

I mean, really, seriously think it over.  I don’t want to waste any of them on something I don’t really, really want, right?! The process is fun and very enlightening. Sometimes what I think I want is not what I really want at all. It’s just the tip of the iceberg of what I want. And sometimes I find out that I don’t want what I thought I wanted….. at all.

Wishing is not enough, though.  We must also be willing to make changes and take steps in the direction of our wishes and goals.  We must be willing to "dip ourselves in the river" as many times as it takes.  

The Tarot, dear friends, helps with getting clear on what it is that we want and why we want it. And it can also show us the roadmap on how to get there during the next four weeks.
The steps prescribed may be so simple and so naive that you, like the Syrian general, may not even want to try to follow up on the advice.  
On the other hand. What can you loose?
It’s worth a "dip of faith", isn’t it?    

All of this, or something even better, for the highest good of all or not at all.

Much love,


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