November Maze

                        A Bird's View
                Picture is a collage I made from the Tarot card, Eight of Fire, from the Osho Zen Tarot and a picture of my maze-pendant, created by Maggie Wagner at SticksandstonesSF

I once knew an old, old woman who, when November came around, would sigh heavily and say, “November is the worst”.
Sometimes she would slap her her knees and shake her head while letting out this sigh. Her eyes deep with sadness.

I never asked her why November was the worst. Now it’s too late. She has been on the other side for many years now. But I think I’ve figured it out.

November is an in-between month. A quiet month. A month to get lost in thought and contemplation. Nature prepares for quiet and rest, and so do we.

November is an in-between month. A month when the feeling of walking in a maze might become stronger than during the rest of the year. The quiet in-between month can suddenly turn into the worst panic month of the year.
- It’s already November! Yet, there is still so much that needs to be done, should be done, wants to be done before church and temple bells ring the new year in!

The new starts of September have turned into routines that run smoothly. Children are in school again. The leaves have fallen off the trees. Coats and gloves are all in place. All seems quiet when suddenly the whole scene explodes with Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Winter Sale and Santa Clauses. We are hurled onto a carousel of buy this, do that, hurry before it’s too late.
I’ve stopped going shopping during this time, to avoid the pressure. But now my email inbox is bursting with “buy now, buy fast”-offers.
This explosion causes stress. We start breathing faster, shallower and our thoughts suddenly start racing along with our heart.
Instead of letting overwhelm and frustration take over, let’s rise above the labyrinth of our lives to get a clear view of where we actually are in life.
Get a bird’s eye view of your situation before choosing how to react.  It is so easy to get carried away and loose our footing in this end-of-the-year carousel. 
May be we mindful of what we let happen to us during this time.
May we be mindful of what we let influence us during these last, precious days of the year and take some quiet time to get “a birds view” of the landscape we are passing through.  
May we enjoy all we already have. And be grateful for what we don’t want and don’t have .

Breathe and Smile,


  • When I received notification of your blog post through email, I clicked on the link and got one of the Error, 404 messages. I was able to access your new post through your website, under the News heading. I enjoyed reading about November and the stresses that are really self-imposed. The buy-this, buy-that mentality can be turned off or ignored if one chooses to do so. I decided this year that I would make a contribution to a couple of charities to offset spending money on family and friends. Yes, let us all be mindful and grateful in whatever way we can. :)

    Josie DuBois
  • Those should not be question marks … apparently you can’t have emojis in comments … shame :((( xx

  • Great post ?.. thought provoking ??
    Newsletter looks great and link works perfectly … you’ve got this!! ?
    Thank you ?
    Jan xx


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