Plug yourself in.

 It is new moon again. 
This time in Aries.
Aries, is the first sign in the cycle of the year.
Spring is an intense time for sensitive souls..
Nature is coming alive again. 
Days are becoming longer, temperatures are rising, birds are busy building nests.
Life is bubbling and pulsating louder than ever.
It is an intense time for sensitive souls.
Are you feeling a bit on the outside looking in?  
Out of energy?  
Does everybody else seem to be a part of life 
while you feel apart from it all?  
Are you suffering from lack of Life Energy?
It is spring.  
This is a time of the year when we easily can get this empty feeling of being outside looking in.  
It is a season where this feeling easily sneaks into our hearts.
A yucky, unpleasant feeling.
What do we mostly do when we start to even remotely feel this way? 
Many of us start chasing something to replace it,  
something to still this thirst for life. 
We do things to get back in to feeling that we are 
a part of something.
But the apart-feeling is an illusion.  
This too is a trick our minds play on us.
The feeling, the “I am alone and I’ve got to get back in”-feeling is just a reminder to plug yourself in
 to the life and the love that surrounds you.
It is there, all around us.
It was there all the time.
The feeling is just a symptom for something else.  
But since we might not be aware of what this “symptom” is telling us, 
we start searching for a “quick fix” to heal it.  
Just like we might do when we feel a headache.  
Instead of taking a break and getting some more sleep, 
we take a painkiller and get rid of the headache…..for a while.
There is a “quick fix” for the feeling of being outside looking in, too!
A quick method that will last if you continue using it. 
The “plug” is not found outside you though.  
Its not a new partner or a new romance.  
Getting that dream job or buying that long wanted spring leather jacket will, maybe, take the feeling of apartness away for a while.
But it won’t last.  
It just won’t last.  
You’ll get bored.  
You will fall out of love.  
The new leather jacket will grow out of fashion.  
It won’t last, simply because the reason for this feeling 
was not the lack of the dream job or the lack of romance or 
the lack of any combination of all this. 
This empty feeling is a symptom of being 
from the Source of all life, 
the big life energy that surrounds us.   
It is all around and there is enough for everyone.   
Just breathe it in!  
Yeah! All we have to do is to breathe it in.  
Life-energy is in the breath.
You know that.  
But you might temporarily have forgotten to practice breathing.
Breath is the plug!
When we fill our lungs with air, we fill our bodies with life-energy,
and plug ourselves to the life-source again.
Just like that.
It’s that simple.
With your whole being filled with life-energy you will connect to what is around you
and that which is around you will connect to you!
You might even fall in love with your old leather jacket again!
Connect your breath to the the Big Breath, and feel the connection.  
This connection is what plugs you in to Life-Force
and releases life-energy.  
Fill yourself up and move  from 
feeling apart
being a part.
Happy New Moon in Aries!

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  • So true Greta .. sometimes we just need to STOP and BE .. thank you for the reminder 🙏 xx


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