Seasons of The Heart

We can’t hold on to Spring.
Winter is coming to an end.
In Japan, where I live, there are signs of spring everywhere already.  Small, shy flowers are showing their faces through strands of yellow grass and dead leaves on the ground. Mufflers and woolen hats are soon to be put away.
It’s a season of new life and new beginnings.
Life seems easier and friendlier in spring.
Temperatures become just right for a few weeks.
Not too cold and not too hot.
I always feel like I want to stop time during this season.
I want the fresh green and the soft air to last for ever.
But even if we wanted to, we can’t hold on to spring.
We know that, so we don’t even try.
We know that after this, summer will come.
The season will change, with or without our consent.
Every living thing has seasons.
Every season builds on the last one and is, at the same time, a preparation for the next.
What we plant during spring will grow during summer.
Today, during my morning-tarot-reading,
I drew the 5 of Cups from the Tarot Illuminati deck.  
The card you see in the picture.
Thinking about the message from this card I was struck by the importance of living each season.
Really and wholeheartedly, living it.
Enjoying it or not enjoying it.
Some seasons we love and enjoy,
other seasons we grieve and struggle.
But they are all seasons.
Seasons to be lived.
There is a time for every season of the heart, too.
These seasons also pass.
They develop and transform into the next 
season of our heart. 
They follow each other, building on each other.
Just as adjusting our lives’ rhythm and clothing to the year’s season, we can adjust our thinking and perspective to our heart’s seasons.
We can dance happy-dances during the happy season and we can make time to grieve during the sad seasons. 
All while remembering that they are season of the heart.
Seasons that come and go.
Much love,

P.S. Don’t forget to pretend watering your imaginary plants.

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