The Moon and my wooden elephant.

Tarot card XVIII/The Moon from The Animal Totem Tarot

Do you need to puff up yourself?

Even though the sun has “turned”, as we say in Norway, the nights are still long. Mornings are late in the coming and evenings still arrive early.
Have you noticed how the world looks different in the dark?
How known people and objects change shape?
Shadows make things look different, bigger, softer or scarier. Even our own living room can seem like a strange place in the dark. Try turning off the light, and walk through your house that you know so well, in the dark. The absence of light changes our perception of things and our imagination makes up for what we can’t see.
A strange figure may turn out to be the shadow of a chair.
You actually know, but it can still scare you stiff. If only for a moment. Right?
There are nights and seasons in our hearts, too.
Times when our inner landscape is only illuminated by moonlight.
Times when we have to rely on our intuition to navigate.
Times when things seem bigger than they really are.
Problems look like the end of the world and and all hills are uphills.
Or quite the opposite.
Everything may look rosy and wonderful and
every hill may look like a fun ride downhill.
That’s because the moon amplifies the way you see the world, at the moment.
Don’t let it scare you. Puff up your feathers and be bigger that you are, you too.
Just like the Great Grey Owl in the picture.
It is actually much smaller than it looks, beneath all its puffed up feathers.

The moon waxes and wanes and teaches us when to sow, weed out, water our garden and when it is time to reap the fruits of our effeorts.
But this quiet, intuitive time we get to examine and look at our inner landscape is brief. As soon as the sun comes out, it all disappears.

I got my own version of the Great Grey Owl last night.
The wind woke me up.
Doors and windows rattled and the wind howled in the streets outside.
As I opened my eyes they looked straight at the trunk of an elephant standing beside my bed. My eyes followed the trunk up to its’ head.
It looked huge.
A mountain of an elephant.
It seemed to hover over me, ready to take one of those heavy elephant steps. Suddenly I felt the kind eyes of the elephant looking down at me.
I could almost swear that I saw them glitter in the dark.
Kind, liquid, calm eyes looking into mine, as if telling me that everything was ok.
“It’s just the wind,” they seemed to say. “I’ll watch over you. Go back to sleep.”
Which I did. Feeling safe and watched over.

In the morning , the huge mountain like figure had disappeared.
In it’s place stood my own little, wooden elephant
looking at me with its’ wooden eyes.
I could feel him smile.
Or was it my own smile?

It made me wonder where in my life I need to puff myself up, like the Great Grey Owl, to seem bigger than I really am.


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