The Secret Gift of Waiting

|The Secret Gift of Waiting 
The other day I was reminded of the secret gift of waiting.
A lady came to me for a tarot reading.
 A lady in a far away country, worrying about a dear friend in yet an other far away country.  She had not heard from her friend in quite a while.  
Emails remained unopened and normal mail...who knows if it even got there...  
Now she was worried.  
As my code of ethics says, I will not read for a third party without their permission.
So, what I did was to ask the Tarot what action my worried Lady could take now.  
What could she do more?  She had already done all she knew how to.  
As I shuffled, I know I was hoping for the Tarot to give her reassurance that all is well and that good news and explanations would be just around the corner.
But the Tarot works in mysterious ways.
A card separated itself from the pack and fell into my lap.
I was using the Osho Zen Tarot deck, that I so love, for her reading.  
The Patience card is the Seven of Rainbows in this deck.  
In other decks the same card is often called Seven of Pentacles.
“Patience” fell into my lap!
I had to tell the poor Lady that she needed to be patient.  That was all she could do and the best she could do at the moment.
It made me think.  What is patience?
The card talks of a secret gift that lies within the act of waiting.  
A secret side effect of practicing patience.
I have elegantly jumped over this concept and eliminated it from my vocabulary decades ago.
Everything had to happen now.  If not sooner.  
On the other hand, I know impatience very well.  That has been kept in my vocabulary.  
I am the most impatient person I know.  
But I am learning to use the waiting in a new way.  
By practicing active waiting.
It has not yet made me patient, but I am a lot less impatient than I used to be. 
This card is talking about waiting actively.  Active waiting.  Not by distracting myself on Facebook and/or Instagram but to actively prepare for what I’m waiting for.  
I tell myself that now, now there is nothing more I can do.  
Now, it is time to wait for “the water to boil”.  Prepare for the moment to come.  
It hasn't come yet.  I don't know if it will come.  
But I have this moment.  And this moment is mine to use.  
There are many ways to actively wait.  You can google “active waiting” and you'll see that people have thought about this a lot.  Waiting is frustrating.  For everyone.  And there are lists on how to actively wait.  Great lists!  
For myself, I have found that the waiting time is an opportunity to examine my hopes and fears. 
In every hope there is a dash of fear.  In every fear there is a dash of hope.  
What is it actually that I hope and wish for.....    
And, what is it that I fear within what I hope for?
Looking within and talking about this, with myself, takes the edge of Impatience.  
Impatience is the fear of not getting what I want.  
The gift of waiting is, for me, 
   -   time to let things develop and grow inside,   
   -   extra time to prepare myself for
            “this or something even better”, 
   -  being ale to accept the end result with
         deeper gratitude and awareness.
The  secret gift of waiting is, for me, the gift of transformation.
And all this musing was a gift from a lady in a far away country, waiting for news from yet a farther away country.
 A gift that I am now passing on to you.  
Love and Blessings
Previously published on September 28, 2017

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