Bottled Miracles.

I'm back to "Breathe and Smile"!
For the first time in many months! 
I'm so excited!  I must! I just have to share!
I feel like going to the marketplace and shouting it out to the crowds!  
I feel so incredibly, fantastically, amazingly good!!
My yoga practice this morning was amazing!  
I floated into asanas that normally are reserved for later in the day!    
My breath was like something I have never experienced before. 
My lungs felt as if all doors and windows were suddenly wide open.   
What on earth is going on?
Two days ago my first shipment of essential oils from Doterra arrived.
The first of what I know will be many.  Yes, I have become a member!  
It is hereby official.
Maybe I should, here right at the very beginning, tell you that I am not at all new to essential oils.
I have been a big user since the mid 90’s.  
I still have a whole army of small bottles from my previous life.
The life that ended three days ago.
But I am new to the Doterra oils. 


In the big box that arrived, three days ago, were my 10 first essential oils and a diffuser, which was put to immediate use after unwrapping.  


I put a few drops of Lavender into the diffuser and the miracles began to happen. 

 Ryusei relaxed and fell asleep....turning on his side like a baby!  

Ryusei is one of our dogs.  A King Charles Cavalier Spaniel.  He is 12 years old and is my big baby!  
My Ryusei has major heart problem
and has been suffering a lot during the last months. 
He is on medication and has to combat both the discomfort of his heart problem and the side-effects of the medication.  
Our nights have been interrupted and sleep sporadic lately. 
And our moods accordingly.  Up and down.  Often down.  
But now Ryusei sleeps!  He sleeps like a dog!  
Not only does he sleep but he seems to get real, good, deep rest.
Suddenly he gets to his feet without help.  Not every time.  But most times.  (Which is medicine for my heart!  And my back!  
My back is sore from all the lifting.)
He walks around and even takes his meals standing.  
Lately, he has been eating from my hand while lying flat on the floor.  
Now he stands!  Not every time, but most of the time.
So, what probably happened is that because he slept through the night I did too.  
And we are now both rested and recharged!
This morning I couldn’t wait to get on my yoga mat. 
But first I wanted to try out something.
I rubbed a drop of an oil blend called Breathe, 
(one of the oils from that big box) onto my chest.   
Just one drop in a nice handful of oil.  
My first time!   
It smelled good.  Very good.  
I started my morning yoga slowly with a few chi gong exercises to get my chi flowing.
when something inside my chest kick-started! 
While doing the movements my breath suddenly,
and totally involuntarily, deepened.  Wow!  
My movements became slower, wider and bigger. 
I have never breathed like this before.  Ever!  
I've been practicing  yoga for how many years?  I even teach yoga!  
Yet now I know I have never really known how wonderful a deep breath can be.  
As I said before, I floated from asana to asana surprising myself. 
It all came flowing. 
It was all breath and flowing movement…without effort from my side.  
When hubby peeped in to tell me morning coffee was served, he found me in an ecstatic Natarajasana or Lord of the Dance pose!  
I was glowing! 
At six thirty in the morning!!
His very Japanese eyes became huge and round from surprise.  
I have been very not glowing in the morning these past few months!
Today I was probably high on oxygen and my new experience!!  
And so relaxed and happy!
"Breathe and Smile" used to be my slogan.  
Used to be. 
I am back!  Today I'm back.  Today I am that slogan!
We live one day at a time, Ryusei and I.
This day is a good one.  
We'll fill it with Lavender and Breathe and sprinkle with smiles.
We have today. 
We hope and wish for tomorrow.  
But we have today. 
Breathe and Smile and much love to you too,
Catch up with you soon,
Ryusei & Grete


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  • Wow wow wow!!!! How wonderful! I confess to being a little envious 😊xxx


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