Turn on Your Inner Light


Turn on the light.
There are some things in life that can not be removed.                 
They must be replaced.                                                              
Things like negativity, loneliness, bad moods, hopelessness, fear, ….the list is long.                                                                                     
It’s a long, dark and negative list of non-removable, replaceables.
I made that word up.  Replaceables.  
All these non-removable, repla  ceables are like dark rooms.            
We enter, maybe not realizing where we’re going, when suddenly a small draft in the air makes the door close behind us and we find ourselves alone in pitch darkness.  It’s so dark, we can not even see the door we entered through. 
A little voice inside us is whispering, " just move on". 
“There is a door, right in front of you”, it says.  But we don’t listen.  We don’t recognize the voice.  We don’t trust it. 
We may start moving towards what we think is the way out, bumping into unseen items. 
Knocking things over, breaking things, getting hurt in the process.
We might become angry, confused, scared….
We may start blaming someone for having led us into this dark room. 
We try to figure out why it is so dark. 
Where did the draft come from?  The draft that closed the door. 
Who let the draft come in?   How could we have been so stupid? 
We should have known better.  Blame. Self judgement. Guilt. 
The room fills up with more and more non-removable Replaceables. 
To the point where we are certain that there is no door. 
We become convinced that there is no exit.  We’ll be here for ever and ever.
That’s when we become aware of that little voice in our head again.
Now it’s telling us that we have a small candle and a lighter in the shoulder bag that we have been clutching so tightly under our arm that our shoulder hurts.  
A candle!  A tiny candle! 
What can a tiny candle flame do against such darkness? 
What if the draft blows it out?  Can that voice be trusted to know anything? 
A voice comes from inside.                        
We are used to listen and trust voices from the outside.   Other people’s voices.  Outside information.
“If the candle goes out?  Light it again, then!”, the voice persists.  “Light it again and again.”                                                                                
"Your heart knows the way".
In the end we give in and follow our inner guide.                           
We reach inside the bag and rummage around for the tiny candle. 
Meanwhile, a tiny flame of hope is already lit, somewhere in our heart.  We can already, although dimly, see what surrounds us.  
We find the candle.  And the matches. 
We light the candle and, as if by magic, darkness disappears. 
Replaced by light.                       
We can see the exit.  We see the door.  It’s right there.  So near.    
So easily opened.
Our inner voice, is a beam of light that will carry us exactly where we need to go. 
Learn to know it.  Ask for guidance.  Trust it. 
“Your heart knows the way.  Run in that direction,” Rumi said.
Love and Blessings,                                                                                          
September 28, 2017

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