Unblock your flow.

Do you keep a journal?
I do.  I write "morning pages".  I write three, four pages in my notebook, emptying my mind of whatever has been simmering and cooking inside me, on low flame during the night onto the pages.  
I like feeding my sub-conscience with something to play with during my sleep.  
To do this I draw a Tarot card before going to bed.  
Sometimes I draw an Oracle card and/or a Rune too.  
This is the last thing I do before I turn off the light and go to sleep.  
In the morning, the first thing I do is to write whatever comes to mind and it always turns out to be thoughts about the card I drew the night before. 
Today's card is the Six of Pentacles.  
Six of Pentacles. Receive and give. Maintaining balance by keeping the flow.
And here are my morning-musings:
Receiving and giving.  
In that order.  
Because you can not give what you don’t have, right? 
And once you’re full, you have to let go of something in order to receive more.
As little as we can stop the coming and going of the seasons, as little as we can stop time we can't stop the flow of our own being. 
We can try. 
But it will result in feelings and emotions piling up.
First, they'll start to smell foul and then they will either burst out like an overfilled dam, or they will cause our vessel to crack open in unwanted places
to let the foul “water” seep out. 
The latter most often happens without our noticing. 
We see the symptoms of leakage but can’t detect the crack,
the root cause of the problem.
Every living thing has a flow. 
When the flow is cut off it dies.  
Energy must flow. 
Stagnant energy causes pain.
Then, there comes the issue of balancing the flow. 
The intake and the outlet. 
No exercising leads to powerless muscles.  Overeating leads to gain weight. 
Lack of sleep leads to depression.  The list goes on and on.
The rich man in the Six of Pentacles has it all. 
He has more than enough and can afford to give. 
His attention seems to be directed towards his giving hand but he is still holding that scale high, keeping it even.  What mindfulness and control!
The scale is in his “receiving hand”. 
Have you ever noticed that?  
He is a rich, prosperous man who also pays attention to his spiritual side.
We know this from the symbolism in the colors of his clothing.
His red cloak of riches and success is draped over his white and blue tunic symbolizing that he pays a lot of attention to his inner life and spiritual matter.  
Not vice versa.  
In the Radiant Rider-Waite deck, the rich man's boots are green. 
(I always check the color of the boots.  I feel it's very significant.)
Our feet are the foundation for our body. 
The foundation of our posture, the way we stand in life, the way we walk and run, the way we support our backbone. 
All is supported and determined by the foundation, our feet. 
This guy wears green boots. 
For me, that stands for connectedness with nature. 
Connectedness with growth, new life, the seasons, nurturing, weeding, and letting go of what has no connection with life anymore.
So this rich man builds his life on connectedness to the natural way of things.
He takes care and is aware of the seasons of life and the importance of balance. 
I want to be like him!  
The question of how on earth I can become more like this guy and stay that way bubbles up from my heart and reaches the billboard of my mind. 
Closely followed by the answer. In bright, blinking letters:
Gratitude, the universal tool! 
Get to the gym to exercise the gratitude muscle! 
The gym in this case, and for me,  means my gratitude-meditation practice.  
Tank up on and recharge gratitude.  
The rest will flow by itself!  
Have a great day, everyone!  
Much love,
You can find my gratitude meditation by clicking on the link below : 

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