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The Story of Hanakaze's Treasures
More than ten years ago, I embarked on a journey into the land of healing crystals and stones.  
Hanakaze was my guide and teacher.
The two of us have been friends ever since we met in High School, in Kobe, Japan.
She had already been exporing and studying these healing stones, for many years, at that time and she already had quite a collection.
She opened the door into the world of crystal magic for me.  
First hesitantly, then eagerly, I followed her on the path. 
We studied and discussed, discovered new crystals and new uses for them, all the time.  
And, we aquired new rings, tumbled stones, necklaces and bracelets!
We oooohed and ahhhhhhed together, over our stones daily.
Until she passed away.
Hanakaze passed over to the other side, at the night of the full moon of July, 2017.
 She kept all her bracelets and her stones lovingly and orderly stored, with labels and prices.  Se only took them out when she wanted to tune in to their energy and vibrations.
 Now, that she is on the other side of the veil and does not need them anymore, her crystals need new owners.
Her family asked me for assistance in finding new homes for some of her treasures.  I am humbled and honored to be entrusted with the task.
This is how I came to have a store-section called Hanakazes's Treasures on my web site. 
All the items in "Hanakaze's Treasures" are previously owned by her.  
Some of them are order made, some are gifts she has been given, all were treasured and loved by her.  
This is the story of Hanakaze's Treasures.  
I know you will love and treasure the special piece that you decide to give a new home.  
I also know that it will love you back.
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