Mini Session.

Mini Session.

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A reading based on one, single card.

May sound too simple, but you will be amazed how profound and deep the insight can be.

Often one card is all that is needed to trigger a domino effect in our intuition and thoughs.  This can lead to major changes in your life.

I use many different decks when I read.

Other readers may let you choose the deck you like.

In my case, I choose the deck I use before every reading intuitively. Like drawing a card, I also draw the deck to use for your reading.


I will refund 100% of your money, in case of:

- me being prohibited from reading, by illness, computer breakdown or other disaster.

I will not refund your money on grounds that you did not like the outcome of the reading or you don`t agree with my interpretation of the cards. 

Please read the "What to do before your reading" and my Code of Ethics before deciding.  You will find both in the main menu.  

Looking forward to our reading.