Code of Ethics

 As a Tarot reader, my aim is to help others better hear their
own inner voice. 
I want to empower the ones I read for to think through their
options and come to a decision of their own.
The Tarot cards are tools for this.
The cards themselves are not magical.
But they sure can work in magical ways.
Their symbolism and the core meaning of each card can
trigger our intuition and connect us to our subconscious mind.
They can help us see what we know, but might not see…
or want to see.
The cards are used to gain insight into personal
growth opportunities and to explore options or alternative
answers to questions.
I will not tell you the future, because I believe
that the future is made now.
And, I believe in free will.
We all have a choice.
We, ourselves, are responsible for what we choose.
We are responsible for what we choose
to think, to feel and to do.
This, I believe, creates our future.
Whichever direction the cards may point, the future really lies
in the hand of the individual person.
My aim is to empower others to make these choices.

I reserve the right to refuse to read on any topic that I find
inappropriate, at any time.
As a member of the American Tarot Association (ATA) I follow
the ATA’s Code of Ethics when giving Tarot readings.
The ATA Code of Ethics
is designed to protect both consumers and readers.
1. I will serve the best interests of my clients, conducting my
professional activities without causing or intending to cause
2. I will treat all my clients with equal respect, regardless or
their origin, race, religion, gender, age or sexual preference.
3. I will represent honestly my Tarot qualifications,
including educational credentials, levels of certification, and
4. I will keep confidential the names of clients and all
information shared or discussed during reading, unless
otherwise requested by the client or required by a court of
5. I will recommend clients consult a licensed professional
for advice of a legal, financial, medical or psychological
nature that I am not qualified to provide. If trained in one
of these areas, I will clearly differentiate between the Tarot
reading and any professional advice additionally provided.
6. I will discuss and agree upon all fees (if any) with my
clients in advance should a client wish to proceed beyond the
originally agreed arrangement,
all additional fees (if any)
will be discussed and agreed upon by both parties before
7. I will respect my clients’ right to refuse or terminate their
reading at any time, regardless of prior consent.
8. I recognize that all ATA members have the same rights
and obligations, and will always respect and honor my co-

                                           Thank you for reading to the end.