I recently got a FABULOUS and accurate tarot reading via email from Tarot Grete.
She happens to be my cousin but we only have seen each other ONE DAY in our entire lives!
Grete and I found each other again a couple of years ago through facebook.
She has lived primarily in Japan, where she is now, and WOW!
Her reading was quite a gift in every way.
Artistic, beautiful, articulate, real, like she is sitting in front of me and talking to me. AND, It is in writing so I can review it over and over, as well as ask her for further clarification.
If you have been curious about tarot or it is time for you to get a reading, I highly recommend Grete!
Donna Wood from Seattle, U.S.A
I was very impressed with my reading. 
Grete was able to hone in on exactly what was currently happening in my life. 
I chose to have my reading done by email and I was surprised by the elegant format.  It wasn’t just a typical email. 
It had a beautiful photo of the card layout and was perfectly organized with titles.   She gave an accurate interpretation of each card
and was able to give me practical advice on how to best handle my situation. 
Grete’s insight and her ability to write in a clear,
concise manner is a valuable asset in reading for a client. 
I highly recommend getting a reading from her. 
I know there are many, many choices out there for Tarot readers,
but if you choose Grete, she will guide you with compassion and wisdom. 
Five stars out of five stars review!
Josie from Los Angeles, Calif.

I have found Grete's readings to be consistently spot-on for me. I continued to seek her out after our initial reading! In a very short amount of time she is able to understand the context of various interpersonal relationships and is holistic in what she sees. I appreciate that she doesn't sugarcoat her readings, but she is also very empathetic. I really enjoy how she ties it all together and I trust Grete to understand what is going on in my life!

L.B from the USA







That is all I have to say. I'm speechless at the details, attention, care, and thoroughness born of expertise and love of Taro that only Grete brings. Several times I was startled about how on point she was! I felt she could see right through me, yet used that information to inspire and guide me towards something better. I don't think I can recommend her enough, but I shall certainly try!

Kiyun in USA




Grete is an AMAZING reader! She is truly gifted! She gave a very detail reading! She saw my issues in the cards and SAVED me what would be heartache! Thank you giving me the push to get up and get going! I hope to have another reading in the near future from her! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Amanda from United States