Tarot Reading Sessions - Blue & Tansy
Tarot Reading Sessions - Blue & Tansy
Tarot Reading Sessions - Blue & Tansy
Tarot Reading Sessions - Blue & Tansy
Tarot Reading Sessions - Blue & Tansy

Tarot Reading Sessions

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Is the gap between wish and reality too big to cross?  Are you stuck in a not so pleasant place and need a push to get back on track?  Then this reading is for you.

This is can be your first step in a new direction.  

If you can figure out what you want in your life, you can get there.  

A new way of looking at the same old thing can change the whole perspective.  Fresh insight and advice have the power to propel you into inspired action so that you can start closing the gap between your dream and your reality  Encouragement and new insight can give you the inspiration and energy you need right now.   

In this session, we will dive deep into your situation.  We will hover high above to get a bird's eye view of your present situation and we will explore what you might be missing.  We will look at your hopes and your fears and at what it is that is holding you back.  We will find new steps for you to take towards the way you want your life to be.

The aim of this session is to guide and empower you to take hold of the reigns and lead your life instead of being lead.  The Tarot can direct your attention to your hidden strengths and weaknesses and uncover solutions that are hidden within you.  

Before the session,  we will work together to formulate your dilemma into empowering questions to ask the Tarot for insight and guidance. 

We will not ask what will happen.  

We will ask what you can make happen.  Nothing changes if nothing changes! 

We will ask how you can bring into your life that which you want to have there. 

This is a reading that will be customized specially and only for you and your situation.  

I use many different decks when I read.          I usually choose the deck before every reading, intuitively.  Like drawing a card, I also draw the deck to use for your reading.  However, if you have specific deck that you would  like me to use, which I also happen to have, I will be happy to use that one.is an extensive and deep reading.   

Please set of 1,5 - 2 hours to allow for questions and comments.   I know you would like to add information and you will want to ask clarifying questions along the way.

You may come back for a new reading about the same question only after three months.  This quarantine-time is to allow for your changes to ripen and take place.  There is always a distance to cross, step by step, before we arrive at our destination.   


Please read the "What to do before your reading" and my Code of Ethics before deciding on having a session with me.  You will find both in the main menu.





 Grete is an AMAZING reader! She is truly gifted! She gave a very detail reading! She saw my issues in the cards and SAVED me what would be heartache! Thank you giving me the push to get up and get going! I hope to have another reading in the near future from her! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

- From USA




Dear Grete, thank you for my reading -I was astounded at how you touched the heart of the matter, and I am so grateful - it has let some light into my very tired soul! Of course, it was what I knew I needed to do, but my responsibilities and worries kept me from being able to let up on myself, as I feel guilty for not doing better. I kind of feel that I now have permission to be kind to myself, and take some time out for myself - some time to enjoy a bit of life. I could cry with relief, I only hope that things beyond my control will now change for the better, and with the fool for my final card, that new life that I feel I've worked so hard for, is waiting for me after all! Thank you for bringing me hope! I wish you the very best with your readings, you have managed to answer a lot without knowing me, so I reckon you clearly have what it takes! I'm truly grateful to you for taking the time to give me this reading Grete, and just want to wish you much happiness and fulfillment! Namaste 🙏🏻 

From UK