Frog Bracelet - Blue & Tansy
Frog Bracelet - Blue & Tansy
Frog Bracelet - Blue & Tansy
Frog Bracelet - Blue & Tansy

Frog Bracelet

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I’ve used lost wax technique on this one, as with most of my other jewelry creations. A technique I love.

I’m a passionate frog lover .
Apart from the tiny rainfrogs being terribly cute, they are symbolic of a lot of things here in Japan. I’ll try to explain some of it.
First the character in the picture:
means “to be revived”.

The sound of the word has the same sound as 4,3,frog.  (四、三、蛙)
That’s why I made this silver bangle with seven (4+3) frogs. I feel I am slowly being revived.

(If you prefer it to mean The lucky 7 ☺️, that’s ok too.).

Frogs are loved and cherished in Japan, where I live.
There is a lot of symbolism and lots of possible wordplays and double meanings to the sound of the word frog. Six frogs, 六蛙, has the same sound as “to welcome”, for example....
"To return", or "to go home" also has the same sound as the word "frog". 
The bangle is solid, cast in 925 S and weighs 38g.

The bracelet will be made to order, which normally takes about a week. 

Sorry,🙏🏻   but the crystal sphere is decoration and not for sale 😊




                                  SEE WHAT EVELYN IN CANADA SAYS:


I just LOVE my "yomigaeru" bangle.

The craftmanship and fine detail on this beautiful piece is breathtaking; each kaeru is unique and has its own character.

On the practical side, the bangle is comfortable and fits well.

I am simply delighted and feel quite revived and uplifted!

Grete was not only prompt in delivering the piece to me in a timely manner (2 days- and I live in Canada!) but packaged it beautifully and thoughtfully!

Thank you- I feel very special and blessed!

Evelyn Amado Victoria, BC Canada