Japanese Rain Frog Ring. - Blue & Tansy
Japanese Rain Frog Ring. - Blue & Tansy
Japanese Rain Frog Ring. - Blue & Tansy
Japanese Rain Frog Ring. - Blue & Tansy

Japanese Rain Frog Ring.

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Frog Ring
日本にお住まいの場合はこちらへもどうぞ https://www.creema.jp/c/grete
Solid, approximately 10gr. 925S silver ring. 
Lost wax technique.
In case your size should be sold out at the moment, I will need between 5 - 8 days to finish your personalized order.  
The price is for one silver ring.
Please contact me for information if you are interested
in the same in gold.
Please message me prior to ordering
to see if your size is available for immediate shipping.
International shipping is done through EMS and included in the price.  You will get your tracking number immediately after shipping.
The story behind my Kotodama Frog ring.  
In Japan, there is a concept called 言霊、Kotodama.  
Literally, the two characters mean  "word spirit"  or "soul of the language",
and refers to the belief that mystical powers dwell in words and names.
A belief that words has power that magically affects not only objects and circumstances, but also body, mind and soul.  
Much like the sacred sound of mantras. 
For years, 30 of them to be exact, I lived away from Japan,
the country where I grew up.  
Every day of all those years, my mantra used to be "return home", "go home", "return", "go home".....
 However, I did not think of it as a mantra or kotodama until much later.  
It wasn't  until people started asking me why I made frogs all the time
and I searched my heart for an answer that I connected the dots.  
The word FROG and the word GO HOME,
are both pronounced KAERU, in Japanese.  
I was making frogs as kotodama.
I had transformed my mantra into frogs of silver and gold.  
Subconsciously I had transformed my mantra into an amulet.  
Frog rings and ear rings.  
Frog bangles and brooches.  
I must have figured that if I made enough of them, I would one day be able to return home.  
It worked!  Amazing right?!  
The kotodama can be directed towards a lot of different things.  
For things, objects, to be returned.  
For the safe return of a child or a spouse.  
For your health to return.  
For money, you take out of your purse to pay for things,  to multiply and return .....
Your imagination is the limit.
This special ring was originally made while I lived in Germany.  
It became my signature ring and was a bestseller then.  
Now, I'm blowing new life into it and remaking it here,  in Japan.
I feel there is a special magic in that, too.  

Message from Frog

Intuition and Inspiration
A walker between water and earth,
Frog is your messenger in transition, 
helping you to reveal the song of your soul.
He inspires you with a more rooted connection to your emotional self 
as you grow into something new and even more wonderful.
Frog is a natural romantic with a heart brimming with love.
He encourages you to express your feelings, 
as this will awaken passions and invigorate your heart.  
Infinite possibilities of the imagination will set you in motion to unleash hidden talents.  
Jump at the chance of starting a new, exciting project
that strikes your fancy.
Quoted from the Spiritsong Tarot
with kind permission from Paulina Cassidy.  
Keywords:  Messenger, intuition, love blossoming, inspiration, passion, psychic, eccentricity, imagination, transition.