Lapis Lazuli Mala Beads - Blue & Tansy
Lapis Lazuli Mala Beads - Blue & Tansy
Lapis Lazuli Mala Beads - Blue & Tansy

Lapis Lazuli Mala Beads

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This is a little Mala, designed especially for keeping count of your breaths during The 99 Breaths of Gratitude meditation.  It has 33 beads.  Do three rounds and you have done all the 99 Breaths of Gratitude.
You can, of course, use the mala for any meditation you choose.    
The beads are made of Lapis Lazuli 
with Rudraksha beads as spacers between each 11th bead.
The Guru bead is a big Clear Quartz.
There is a knot between every bead so that if the thread should become weak and break at some point, the beads will not fall off.
Every knot is tied with love and gratitude.
The Mala comes in a small handpainted pouch to keep it safe and clean in your handbag or your pocket.   You will see that you will want to bring it along where ever you go. 
99 Breaths of Gratitude
   The Magic  Funnel
Relax and let your body fill itself with air.
Just as much air as is comfortable.
Relaxed and effortlessly.
Feel the air swirl around inside you before you let it flow out again.
Do this a few times to get a feel of the flow.   
Imagine that you are a funnel.
In your mind, picture Life Force Energy pouring into you through the big opening and out again through the small opening. 
Do this also a few times to get a feel of being the funnel.
Now it’s time to add a little magic.
Find a few drops of gratitude and blend it into in the air before you exhale it through the small end of the funnel. 
Feel how the texture and color of the air changes.
Then exhale.
Now think of someone or something that you would like to direct this flow towards.
It can be your spouse, a child, your pet, yourself, your working place, your house, your neighbor, your clients, your music, your art, your Instagram friends.
Just decide and choose one.
Imagine directing the small end of your funnel towards the person
or object of your choice and exhale.
Repeat this as many times and as often as you want.
However, practicing “The Magic Funnel” 99 times pr. day
for at least 28 consecutive days will give you the most magic result.
You can use a Mala or some other tool to keep count of your breaths.
You can also choose a mantra to follow the exhale.
You can make your own mantra (for example “Thank you”,  “I love you” “I bless you”) or choose one that resonates with you.
The purpose of this practice is to nurture and grow an attitude of gratitude which in turn will nurture and foster the ability to give and receive love.
You don’t need to be in a special meditation position to practice.
You can practice the Magic Funnel while walking, talking, sitting or standing. Even while lying in bed.
But you will notice that a “straight” spine and open chest will make your lungs fill with less effort.