Larimar and Lava Diffuser Bracelet - Blue & Tansy
Larimar and Lava Diffuser Bracelet - Blue & Tansy

Larimar and Lava Diffuser Bracelet

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To me, Larimar is The Stone of GRATITUDE. It feels like a warm, big hug with blue summer skies and sunrays playing in the sea...all at the same time.  The first time I held one of these treasures I felt an "oh, I'm so happy it's almost indecent"- feeling force itself from somewhere in my stomach, up through my throat and spread through my body like warm syrup.  That's as close as I can get to explaining what I felt. I instantly fell in love!  Since then,  I simply can't get enough of it.  

Larimar is a type of pectolite and the stone was created as a result of volcanic activity.  Not directly. The blue silicate mineral formed in open cracks and crevices between other minerals that were pushed up due to the volcanic activity.  So, when they say that Larimar balances water and fire energy it makes sense, to me. It has the capacity to fill in the open spaces left by heat and eruption.  It fills the cracks and cavities caused by fights, negativity, sorrow and hurts.  It fills these spaces with the most soothing gratitude,  The most beautiful blue gratitude one can imagine.    

It is said that GRATITUDE is the key to manifesting what you want.  For the famous Law of Attraction to work for you, it is said that you must start with being grateful for what you have and what you are.  Good health, wealth, love, romantic love, self-love,  abundance, creativity, clarity...will follow.

The above listed are the same as the list over some of Larimar's properties and what it can aid you in attaining.  

Larimar creates and establishes a vibration of Gratitude. I am by no means a gemolog or an expert on measuring vibrations.  All I know is what I feel and that is a very fast working, rapid shift from whatever I am feeling to immense gratitude.  I can not not smile when wearing my Larimars. A smiling heart will be filled the body with peace and harmony and love for life.

My favorite doTerra oils for Larimar are:  

Spikenard, The oil of Gratitude ( $ 64.25) and Lime, the oil of Zest for Life ($16.25)

Link below to buy oils:


The bracelet listed here has three Larimar stones.  If you would like more or fewer Larimar beads, just send me a message and I will custom make the bracelet with as many Larimars as you would like.  More Larimars will cost more and fewer will cost less.  ;-)



CAUTION: One thing to remember about Larimar is that the blue color is photosensitive.  This means that the color with fade with time id exposed to too much light and/or heat.