Larimar Pendulum with Amethyst - Blue & Tansy
Larimar Pendulum with Amethyst - Blue & Tansy

Larimar Pendulum with Amethyst

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A little tool to help you cut through indecisiveness and clearly know what your heart really wants and needs.  
The stone Larimar is only found in the Dominican Republic, which I where I get these from.   They look like pieces of sky and sea with sunshine on them at the same time.
Lots and lots is said and written about the benefits of using this Larimar.  But don't go by the books.  We are all different and we respond individually to the energy of stones too.  One thing is certain, though.  Larimar will make you feel calm, relaxed and ready to receive all the good that the Universe has in store for you. This is the number one reason that I chose Larimar to make pendulums.  

From the very first time I held a Larimar in my hand, which is a long time and many Larimars ago, and until this day, Larimar never fails to help me see and count my blessings.  It fills me with sunlight and softens my heart instantly.  That is why, for me, Larimar is  THE Stone of Gratitude.  

The big, round bead to hold in your hand is Amethyst.

On this pendulum is also a little Lava Stone bead. Apply a drop of your favorite essential oil to the Lava stone and voila! you have a diffuser pendulum!  

To keep the pendulum safe in your pocket and/or handbag, it comes in a little, handpainted (by me) cotton drawstring bag.