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When the Moon is Full or New.

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Full Moon or New Moon Reading.

Something needs to change and you know it.  You just don't know what.  

What needs to be released? What needs to be realigned for you to move towards your goal?  What do you need to reignite? 

Just a slight adjustment of your view can mage a huge shift in the way you perceive your situation.  

Through the Tarot, I will help you see what you need to release.  I can help you see where you are out of alignment with your goal.  And finally, we will see what you can re-ignite this full moon.  

Even the smallest step moves you forward.  Every step in the right direction will get you closer to your goal.

This is a deep-going reading.  As with all Tarot readings, this reading is also a map for you to follow on your way.  It will give you the recipe on what you can do to get your feet out of the mud, so to speak, and start dancing along the road of life.  

We create our future by what we think, feel and do in the present moment.   Take action and start walking in the right direction this full moon.             

I'm looking forward to interpreting your cards for you.  

Blessed be.