Silk scarf. - Blue & Tansy
Silk scarf. - Blue & Tansy
Silk scarf. - Blue & Tansy

Silk scarf.

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Dimensions: ca. 77cm x 85cm


Material: silk chiffon 


Hand painted by me.




THE VERY FIRST TIME I draped one of these scarves around my shoulders, it felt I was being embraced by light.  

I felt a strange connection and knew that this would become my own, very special shawl.  

It was magical.  But I felt that something was missing. 

I got out my Japanese fabric colors, my brushes, holy water from a temple in Shikoku that I use to mix with my colors, and started painting.  I had no clue what I was going to paint.  

I had no plan, no design in my head. 

Feathers started flowing from my paint brush.  

Feathers and spirals and other symbols just kept on coming.  

I couldn't stop.  


One of my dogs did.  

To tell me that it was time for our evening walk. 


That first shawl is mine.  

I wrap myself in it when I meditate, when I do my Tarot readings, when I need a little extra comfort and when I feel the need to be wrapped in tangible angel wings and feathers.


Since then, I have made more.  Different shapes and different colors, but always feathers and spirals. 

The one you see here is one of them.  

You don't have to practice meditation or read the Tarot 

to feel the benefit of wearing the shawl. 

It he will embrace and comfort you, what ever occasion you choose to use it for. 

But you do need to love the luxurious feeling of wrapping yourself 

in light and feathers.   


It drapes beautifully and looks as gorgeous over your yoga-wear or with your jeans and t-shirt as it does matched with an evening dress.  



Hand wash gently in cold water.  Use only a small amount of natural soap and rinse thoroughly.

To dry: place the shawl on a towel and gently pat the water out.  Let it dry lying flat in the shade.

Ironing is normally not needed but if you feel you still want to, it is a good idea to put a towel over the shawl, to protect it.

Iron on low setting. 

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The picture is taken by me and my iPhone.

The colors in the actual shawl might differ slightly form what you see in the picture due to the picture being taken by me with my iPhone.





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