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Wild Orange 🍊

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Does your body get enough water 💦?

Do you drink enough water to help your body with renewing itself?

During the hot summer it’s not a problem.  But when the air cools off it’s easy to forget. 

Especially during the winter months. 

Since I got the Doterra oils in my house, even this has become so much easier and even pleasant to do.

Wild Orange Doterra essential oil is a favorite! One drop in my water bottle or container makes the water taste delicious.  PLUS it heightens my mood! I forget about all the scientific “hydrate your body” stuff and enjoy the taste and my good mood. 

Wild Orange is an Optimism booster that works.  And it’s the oil of Abundance! 

Who would say no to a glass of abundant optimism ?! 😄😁☺️

And oh, by the way,  that gorgeous blue bottle in the background! ♥️ That’s one of my son’s creations!  I just had to say that! 🥰